Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Schott Foundation

I'm slowly becoming more involved with The Schott Foundation in New York, which works to achieve equality in public education. The foundation has recently started a "Young Patron's Board" that I'm considering joining. The Board focuses on spreading awareness as well as fundraising. On that note, they are hosting a wine tasting evening on March 6th, so if you're interested and around, stop by.

As for the cause, it is interesting to learn that an entire generation of NY public school children as been neglected as a lengthy court battle has unfolded to try and provide necessary funding to underprivileged schools. Kids that started in kindergarten when these issues were first recognized and brought before the courts, are now graduating from high schools that have dilapidated woodshops and libraries stocked with books from the 1960s.

The other thing I find interesting about the Schott Foundation is that it is a grant giving organization. A charity for charities fundraiser for non-profits of sorts. It passes funds to other organizations which then work to achieve goals that are aligned with the foundation.

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