Thursday, March 22, 2007

Find Satoshi

alright, so this is already in my links, but as I poked around the site a bit longer I got more intrigued and thought I'd post this for all to join in... so, do you know this man?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I signed up for a GrandCentral account today after reading about it in The Times. It reminds me of the Sprint product from so so long ago where all your phones ring at once when someone calls you (The commercial went something along the lines that it'll ring in the office, in the golf cart - yes cell phones were so big they had to stay in the cart - and then reach your beeper in the bunker). GrandCentral, however, works with any phone regardless of the service provider, instead of just one, and shows a bit more potential than something like Pinger, which still has yet to see wide acceptance.

The service gives you one phone number, you can then tell it which other numbers to ring. There's an interesting announcement feature which speaks the name of the caller when you receive a call. Additionally, the service allows you to accept the call and record it (not entirely legal in all states - but supposed in NY no problem). While this isn't too useful for me, the service also lets you press "*" while on a call, and thereby allows you to transfer the call (ie, you're on a cell and get to the office and want to use your desk phone, or you're at home but need to run out).

The one concern I still have is that telling everyone I have a new number is a hassle, and while I'd consider doing it once, I'd then be entirely at the whim of this company and should they suddenly charge $40/month then I'd be faced with telling everyone to go back to the old numbers, or shelling out some cash...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Better TV?

I mentioned Joost in an earlier post; the new project from the Kazaa/Skype guys. I got my hands on a beta version and although it is still a true beta (as opposed to what some others call beta) the potential is evident. The entire thing works likes a big DVR with alot more options. I've only begun to explore, and we'll see how it develops once more content is added and stability improves. (and no, I don't have any invites; sorry, right now i can only point you here for random Joost like content)