Sunday, September 16, 2007

random thoughts

none of my "where's george" dollars have resurfaced... I guess it's a bit much to assume someone would actually look at their dollar and realize there's a website written on it - oh well.

Joost came out with a new version. They are slowly adding more and more content. There are even a few movie channels now (granted, they're filled with '80s sci-fi movies - but i guess that's the target audience for now). It seems like they are slowly getting some legs - but they're still lacking in regards to content. Vudu recently launched their product. It is somewhere between Netflix and Joost, by featuring new videos in a streamed format - however the $399 hardware price tag is a bit steep...

Speaking of Netflix, I added my review RSS stream on the right - not sure I'll leave it up; seems to be getting a bit cluttered over there. Would be nice if I could just have it flow into the body of the blog as a post... any ideas?

Lastly, I've been staring at prosper a lot again recently. The more I look at it the more convinced I become there's a way to make money here, but I'm still not 100% confident. Clicking through it, I'm leaning towards the idea that financing people's startups through the site is a reasonable thing to do, I remain skeptical of the refinancing loans. Also, the amount of information provided by borrowers is minimal - something which I'm not used to, but then again the sums of money are relatively small and doing a significant amount of due diligence is not worth the time/effort. I'm also intrigued by the "groups" which I have yet to fully figure out.

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