Friday, January 25, 2008

More Mac Problems

So I ranted awhile ago about my problems upgrading to Leopard. After trying to watch some dvds in the last few days, it seems that the disc loading problem is actually a general problem, and not just related to the upgrade disc.

I've since been digging deep to try and find out what's wrong with my MacBook. Turns out there are no references to this problem on the Apple website. But, I've found this site, which points a finger at a superdrive 2.1 firmware upgrade as the culprit for a lot of peoples similar problems. Lo-and-behold, they even have links to the Apple website with explanations of the problem. HOWEVER - Apple has deleted all these entries on their website, and all references to a 2.1 superdrive update.

Clearly, this is a further example of Apple failing to sufficiently support its products. In this situation, they even go a step further; they've pushed out a destructive update and then covered their tracks rather than either acknowledging their mistake or attempting to provide a fix. This is the SECOND time this has happened to me; a few months back they killed my mac's battery with an update. Is this acceptable behavior for a company lauded for its user friendliness? No

As it pointed out on the site identifying the problem - this is the kind of thing that makes me consider switching back to a PC and its generic swappable parts.


Some people are report success with
I'm not - try at your own risk

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