Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been pushing out websites I find and like in my Tumblog lately, but Instapaper seems to be changing the way I "surf" the web and therefor I thought I'd ramble on about it for a second. Often enough, especially at work, I find myself bumming around the web and finding something interesting that I either don't have the time or concentration to read at that moment. Normally, I'd then have the option to either bookmark it, trapping the link on that computer, or tagging it with which immediately pushes the link out to a whole bunch of people who I may not want to share it with.

Enter Instapaper; one of the cleanest simplest websites I've seen in a long time. With a button in my browser I tag a page, saving it to my instapaper page. I can then go to that page from any computer and see which links I've marked and which I've read. That's it. Simple. Easy. Quick. I suddenly find myself reading a lot more content which I would otherwise have forgotten about.

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