Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Takes All Types

After scoffing at facebook and this trends of apps for it with things such as "super pokes" and "sheep" for the past few months, I took the plunge and installed an app for the first time: Takes All Types. This is not some game or fad, but actually takes your information and attempts to do something good with it.

Apparently, blood is extremely perishable and can not be transported great distances. As such, while many people donate, there are still blood shortages throughout the country. In an attempt to remedy this, Takes All Types registers your blood type and location, and then sends you a message if there is demand for your type of blood in your area to encourage you to donate.

I'm curious to see if this trend of doing something useful with the boring social network can catch on. In the meantime, I suggest you register.

[where: 10017]

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