Sunday, March 23, 2008

News Sources

For the past 5/6 years, I have started just about everyday on, it has been my connection to the business world and has kept me abreast of what I need to know (as a young professional, this is quite a bit). However, since the recent sale to News Corp, the site has been changing; first it was subtle - the number of political stories has been increasing. Now, it's just plain obvious - music reviews in the breaking news area. While the business news is still there, this is causing me to question the trustworthiness of the Journal, and I've begun to seek out other sources for information.

A lot of my news now comes from a smattering of blogs in google's reader - my concern here is it is a slanted world view; while this is great for tech news, no one blogs about merger trends in the steel industry, at least to such an extent where I would view it as a credible source. So while I view this as my customized news paper, and this is an avenue to one part of the world - it's not all encompassing, or better said encompassing of what I need to know.

At work I now have a bloomberg - the TOP function is great as it offers an ever changing stream of news. My gripe here is that I'm not watching the screen at all times, and the frequent updates mean I miss stories.

I've been exploring other news websites (ie and have found them good - just not great. There is something I particularly like about the layout - the river of news concept I suppose - and it's hard to dig through a site for important stories, which are buried under four links.

It seems, the difficulty lies within the fact that I'm not looking for just any news (because then or something like digg might push up the stories that I'm interested in. Instead, I'm looking for news that is of relevance to my job and my interests. And while I'm just complaining - I think somewhere in there is an idea for someone to grab on to.

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