Thursday, June 26, 2008

content agregation

I spent a moment tonight clicking through some web services I've come across lately, and haven't had a chance to play with too much. They all relate to organizing information, and do it in slightly different ways:

Twine - I suppose it's supposed to be a super charged with some social layer. Apparently there is also some predictive element to it, but that wasn't readily apparent to me. Frankly, I found it confusing - but it shows some promise, and could be useful for planning a trip with a group of people because you can all contribute bookmarks to one "twine." We'll see if I go back [I have invites if you're interested]

Evernote - fresh into version 3, I think they've got a neat idea. You send in your data (whether web clippings, text emails, or photos) and they catalog it and extract information for easy searching (including text in pictures). I've tried using it with my camera phone, but the camera isn't good enough - it would be ideal for taking pictures of business cards or wine labels... [I have invites if you're interested]

SecondBrain - similar to friendfeed, they try and aggregate all the content you push onto the web, and then let you search / track / group it. While possibly useful to keep track of everything, not sure of the appeal of having yet another feed of crap to try and manage.

Interestingly, the first two work a lot better with plug-ins. I'm not at my normal computer, and suddenly have realized how customized a browser becomes, and how I am loath to use things that aren't right in front of me - someone should work on that.

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