Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hong Kong

I have now spent my first week in Hong Kong, and continue to stumble around without a proper sense of which way is up. I arrived last Sunday, and walked off the plane after my 16+ hours of flying, to be hit by a wall of heat and humidity. For a moment I relaxed, thinking I was at the start of a Caribbean vacation, only to be pulled back to reality when confronted with the throngs of people streaming around me.

The drive into Hong Kong took about 30 minutes, and went over the "Golden Gate Bridge of Hong Kong" and through Kowloon. All of it had a gritty industrial feel to it. As you can see from the pictures, the apartment I'm staying in is small but quite nice, and is slowly starting to feel comfortable.

I went on a longer walk last weekend, which took me through Central, which is the main finance center. On Sundays, many of the house staff have their day off, and they congregate in this area. As a consequences I spent much of the time wading through women sitting on sidewalks.

Work kicked off Monday, and I'll suffice it to say that it started with a bang and hasn't really stopped. There's a lot to do, and not enough sets of hands.

Friday night saw me at an Indonesian restaurant, where the food was good, but my stomach wasn't quite prepared. I suspect this will be a recurring theme in the coming weeks and months. After dinner, I was shown Lan Kwai Fong, which is one of the main drags of bars, and includes a German bar by the name of Schnurbart (Mustache). Last night I started off in SOHO (South of Hollywood) at an Irish pub, and was then swept along to two different "members" clubs. The clubs were essentially clubs as I would know them from NY, only a bit smaller and trying to be a bit more elite.

A few other first impressions:
- I tower over people.
- It is constantly hot - resulting in me wanting to take 4 - 5 showers a day.
- In NY it's "right to go right" when you're walking towards someone on the sidewalk, because that's what cars do. I therefore expected it to be "right to go left," but as with a lot of things here it's just keep walking straight...

side notes:
I've taken flickr out of the stream as I don't want to swamp it with pictures, but will let you know when new ones go up.
My US cell phone is setup to forward to here, local call for everyone at home, don't be strangers (but do remember the 12hr time difference from NY).

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