Sunday, August 10, 2008

Junk Cruise & Macau - Week 2 in Hong Kong

I've already mentioned (and here) the Typhoon (level 8) that rolled through, so I wont go into that again. Simply suffice it to say that it rained - a lot. Even on Thursday (the day after) and I got drenched.

The week at work went well, and I'm starting to hit a groove.

On Friday night I went for a few beers, and watched the start of the Olympics. In the bar it was quite nice - the diverse audience here meant that people were cheering for just about every country that came out. In stark contrast, if I switch on the TV at home I can't even find a live broadcast of the events (so I've resorted to my sling box).

Saturday, I was invited along to a Junk Cruise. Essentially a day out on the ocean, with a load of booze and some really good food. Afterwards we went to Wan Chai for a few beers, which I am told is also the place for something"quick and easy." The bar scene was good, but it was strange to see the, shall we say, women of the night selling their wares.

Unfortunately, my third local meal, consumed on the Junk, did not sit well, and you can guess how my day today was. I did venture out on the ferry to Macau so I could activate my visa. The hour on the ferry was interesting and I snapped a few pictures. I will have to venture back to actually roam around and see everything up close and personal.

- I found out that my "right to stay right" observation is actually widely recognized and has an actual name: "The Hong Kong Sway"
- The office has all sorts of juice box local drinks; I've been trying them slowly, and had the "Lemon and Honey" drink, it tasted terrible.

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