Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kuan Yin & Sui Tsing Pak Temples - Week 3

On Wednesday, I may have eaten cat. I'm not sure, but it's possible. I ordered half a rotisserie chicken, and when it was delivered started in on my dinner without much thought. About half-way through my meal, I realized that the meat didn't exactly have the characteristics I would expect of chicken: there was no drum stick, there were no chicken bones, and there wasn't the crispy chicken skin - There were two fairly large pieces of white meat. I'll leave it as mystery meat at best, cat at worst.

Last night I bounced around a few bars on LKF. The best part was the roof deck at the LKF hotel.

Today, I went neighborhood shopping trying to find an apartment. I spent some time this morning in Happy Valley, which is where the horse track is on Hong Kong island. While quite nice, it's a bit too far out and a bit too local for me I think.

This afternoon I walked around the area right by my apartment, and shot a few pictures. A few interesting things I found out:

- I live on the corner of Hollywood Rd. and Possession St., which is where the British orriginally planted the Union Jack when they landed.

- The neighborhood was razed in the late 1800s due to plauge.

- There are two temples down the street from me, I took the time today and stuck my head into Sui Tsing Pak Temple, which honors the pacifying general. Next door is Kuan Yin Temple. It honors the god of mercy, which is apparently popular amongst prostitute.

I also tried to take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak; but the line was entirely too long for me so I'll have to take the bus up at some point.

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