Monday, August 18, 2008

The Same Old

In talking with a friend, I was recently reminded that I used to write about "boring" things. While I am now on the far side of the world and supplied with plenty of exciting things to write about, my old interests certainly haven't suddenly vanished. I thought a few comments on the small Hong Kong entrepreneur were therefore in order.

I live on Hollywood Road, which is the heart of the antique district. There are countless little shops, presumably sole proprietorships, which sell everything from upmarket antiques to copies of the little red book and towels with pictures of Mao on them. While I certainly expect there are people who buy from these places, it amazes me that so many try to start these businesses, and I'd be curious to know how successful they are. In the end it must be a question of supply and demand, but nonetheless I am surprised by the numbers on the supply side.

As I've mentioned a few times now, on Sundays all the domestic workers have the day off and congregate around Central. On first glance there are thousands of woman relaxing and playing cards on their day off. Upon a closer look, it is apparent that there are a range of entrepreneurs capitalizing on this market. These range from more formal marketing events by corporations featuring raffles and concerts, to women providing services to each other like manicures and pedicures or selling knock off purses.

I suppose the lesson out of this is there are opportunities everywhere, it's just a question of seeing them and then capitalizing. I am, however, still in search of a start-up tech scene.

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