Sunday, November 02, 2008

3 Months

Last week marked three months in Hong Kong for me. As you may have been able to tell be the drop off in postings, I've settled into a bit of a "local" groove over the past few weeks, and find myself not running off to more sights (as I've seen alot of them) and working a bit more (a product of the markets I suppose). While all this is fine and dandy, I did want to take the opportunity and reflect for a moment on what I've done, and what I will be doing.

The transition from tourist, for me, took place when I started craving people asking me for directions. As Hong Kong is a bit of a tourist city, there are usually a half dozen or so people I see on any one day standing on a street corner with a map looking lost. For the first few months I was actively dodging them, as I barely knew how to get from my apartment to work. Now I walk by them with a smile in the hope that I can (showoff and) provide them with directions. I'm sure this novelty will fade shortly, but for now it does make me feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things.

The rythm of my days is also turning into routine. Initially, I spent my weekends running around like a headless chicken - now I have my regular haunts and am slowly accepting the fact that this isn't like college (or New York) with friends all over the place. So, for the moment, I find myself focusing on things like getting fit, which doesn't require a rowdy crowd.

The next two months, I suspect (/hope) will fly by. I'm already looking forward to Christmas and being in Germany. The thought of seasons is rather appealing as it is still 28+ C everyday, and rather humid. What to expect from 2009, I'm not entirely sure at the moment - I suppose there will be further adventures.

Random observations:
- I constantly find native Chinese speakers saying "more better" in English. While I am sure this is a translation issue, it still makes me laugh everytime as the word "funner" flashes in my mind.

- At times I feel like I'm in the string quartet playing as the Titanic sinks; I need to revisit my thoughts from a few weeks ago and update in light of recent developments, but that's more involved than I care to get right now.

- I stumbled across this a little while ago, the comment grosses me out, as there are constantly people belching around me.

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