Saturday, November 22, 2008


This coming week will mark 4 months in Hong Kong for me. As is apparent from my drop off in posting, I've now settled into a routine and am living a bit of a "local" life. Other than work, I haven't had too much time to do much else. A rough plan to get to Japan this weekend fell apart, and so I took a little trip home: I wandered down to McDonald's tonight and had a wonderful double cheese burger - even with the fountain soda not tasting quite right, it is amazing that the burger and fries taste just like they would in the Mid-West.

Last weekend I partook in a Sedan Race around the peak. Back before the Peak Tram, the Hong Kong elite would be carried up the mountain in a sedan. This has evolved into a charity race, where the sedan's are decorated and then raced. Aside from the spectacle, it was quite hard to lug this 60+ kg thing the 2.1km around the course, but was all good fun.

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