Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gweilo Premium

I am slowly becoming aware of the tourist or gwilo premium which is following me around.

The first instance I encountered it was in Beijing. I bought some meat on a stick on the side of the street (yes, I ate it, yes it was good) for CNY 20/stick. The following day, at another stall, more meat was on the menu and I couldn't resist, this time it cost me CNY 3/stick.  In both cases, I was only to order by pointing, and then pay what was shown to me either on a calculator or fingers.

On Friday, a co-worker who speaks Canto, took me to a local restaurant and ordered us dinner. When I've ordered sweat and sour pork here it normally costs me HKD 140, at this establishment the quality was not only better, but the price was only HKD 40. Again, I will never be able to go to this restaurant on my own due to the language barrier.

As I am quite humored by this, I am going to try and start documenting these little instances. Perhaps also consider trying to learn the language.

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