Friday, January 30, 2009

Cambodia / Kuala Lumpur

I've just arrived in Kuala Lumpur, this time for a two day stay rather than just a short night's sleep. Before touching on my first impressions, I have been thinking a bit more about my time in Cambodia. Yesterday, I spent the day touring some of the temples further out. They were by far the most impressive, not because of their size or detail, but because they weren't overrun with tourists.

I hired a driver yesterday - the same guy who picked me up from the airport initially - and had some interesting conversations with him while driving back and forth from the temples. Interestingly, he repeatedly described himself as "ignorant" and having married an "ignorant wife," as that is the only woman who would be with him (mind you he speaks near perfect English and used to work as a land mine remover). It is comments like these that made me appreciate just how dire the conditions are for so many in Cambodia. (If you're in Anchor Wat, and looking for a driver give Yong Heng a call - +855 1292 6115)

KL has proved similar to any other large developing city I've been in. There are run down buildings, and then when you round the corner is the world's tallest bi-tower. After a week of traveling I am fairly run down, and hence a bit happy that it is raining out, giving me an excuse to lay low. Interestingly, there's an arrow painted on the ceiling pointing to Mecca).

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