Friday, March 13, 2009

Picture of the day

I'm on my third week of trying to take a good picture a day, and thought I'd share a few observations. I've been shooting purely film, as I'm not ready to go spend the money on a digital SLR. This has been the first time I've been shooting film in close to 8 years, as I've relied mainly on a crappy bar point and shoot digital camera lately.

Of the pictures I've had developed, a fair number are blurry - I think this has a lot to do with film vs digital; I get the sense that a digital has the image in it, and when you hit the shutter release, all it is doing is writing to memory. Thus when you move the camera right away, the image isn't effect (or there's just a lot of image stabalization built in). Film, on the other hand only gets exposed when you hit the shutter release and hence any small immediate movements effect the picture.

I'm also getting back quite a number of grainy shots. I think this is a combination of exposure problems and low resolution scanning. Talking to the lady at the processor, they charge $3 per high quality scan, so I'm thinking I might pick a few to have them re-scan and see if I can isolate what's going wrong.

The hardest part has been taking a picture every day. My first week I managed, however, the last two weeks I've been at work too late and have had to do all my shooting on the weekend. I've also been confined in where I've been looking for subjects - while this allows me to keep coming back until I get the shot I want, it also gets a bit redundant.

Check out my pictures here - one goes up every day.

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