Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yet again

In February, I tried to clear the decks to make room for some new ideas. It certainly worked, and since I've started a few new projects which are all floundering at various stages. I thought I'd quickly share, in hopes that some fresh air might push them along...

Picture a day - I've actually really been enjoying my camera again. It's hard as I'm shooting film to get through a roll every week, and hence I'm not posting as much as I would like, but it is certainly keeping me busy, and providing a happy feeling when a couple good shots turn up. I would really like to do something more with the photos, particularly after realizing the community that exists around Flickr in Hong Kong - maybe something with MagCloud.

First Class Backpacker - I've been lucky, and have had the chance to see quite a bit in the past year. I keep hearing about other people developing travel tips and sharing insights. I think there is certainly a group of "young professionals" who might take some inspiration from my experience and realize that the world is a lot smaller than it seems, but promoting and writing is a bit of a chore...

EnvironmentalBubble - a social news site for green / environment topics. Slapped this together in about an hour; it's pretty amazing all the free services that are out there to build something with. Still, a site without users, might as well be a book without words.

thoughts and inspirations welcome

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I spent about a week in Malaysian Borneo over Easter. While I was mainly there to sit on the beach and relax, I did make it into the reserve to see the orangutans which are being rehabilitated. You can see my pictures here. I think I've managed to figure out how to shoot sunsets, but fast moving mokeys proved a bit harder.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Being abroad has resulted in me having a rather complex setup of forwards and temporary numbers so that everyone can still reach me on my old number and I can call home fairly inexpensively. Until a couple of weeks ago, I relied entirely on Skype for this. My US cell forwarded to a skype-in number, which rang either my computer or forwarded to my HK cell through skype-out. To call the us, and not have to pay international rates, I used a skype-to go number.

Apparently the Hong Kong phone companies finally got wise of the skype-to go setup, and the service has either been blocked or discontiued as a result. Disappointingly, skype made no effort to notify users who have a HK based number, or even upon inquery provide an explanation - poor customer service; shame on them.

Thankfuly, almost at the same time google updated Grand Central into google voice. As an old user, my account has been ported, and this now nicely fills the skype-to go hole. Logging on to the google voice from my mobile, I can have it call me, and then connect to whomever I am trying to reach at home. This still depends on the skype-in/out setup described above, but incurs no extra cost and actually is a bit easier that skype-to go, as it's a visual interface instead of voice prompt.

Ideally, google voice will add international numbers and porting at some point. This would allow me to plug into their voicemail (and transcription) service, but for now this is working and will keep me happy.