Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yet again

In February, I tried to clear the decks to make room for some new ideas. It certainly worked, and since I've started a few new projects which are all floundering at various stages. I thought I'd quickly share, in hopes that some fresh air might push them along...

Picture a day - I've actually really been enjoying my camera again. It's hard as I'm shooting film to get through a roll every week, and hence I'm not posting as much as I would like, but it is certainly keeping me busy, and providing a happy feeling when a couple good shots turn up. I would really like to do something more with the photos, particularly after realizing the community that exists around Flickr in Hong Kong - maybe something with MagCloud.

First Class Backpacker - I've been lucky, and have had the chance to see quite a bit in the past year. I keep hearing about other people developing travel tips and sharing insights. I think there is certainly a group of "young professionals" who might take some inspiration from my experience and realize that the world is a lot smaller than it seems, but promoting and writing is a bit of a chore...

EnvironmentalBubble - a social news site for green / environment topics. Slapped this together in about an hour; it's pretty amazing all the free services that are out there to build something with. Still, a site without users, might as well be a book without words.

thoughts and inspirations welcome

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