Thursday, July 30, 2009

The food

In the last two days, I have been lucky enough to have a few old co-
workers show me some of their favorite places to eat. Yesterday, we
spent the large part of the night at a small establishment upstairs
called simply "things on sticks". You sit down at a bar, and they
continually serve you various things (meat, veg, both) on a stick deep
fried - amazing.

Tonight found us at a traditional Japanese steak house for a multi-
course dinner including lobster, soup, salad, and culminating in beer
fed, hand massaged beef, which melted in your mouth with a tenderness
I've never experienced before.

While Tokyo has been interesting these meals - plus the fish market
sushi - have been the highlights I will remember. Heading to Hakone
tomorrow, and I'm rather looking forward to the less urban environment.

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