Monday, July 27, 2009

Student Again

After 4 years and 9 days, including 364 days in Hong Kong, I walked
out of the office yesterday for the final time. No blackberry, an out
of office and voicemail greeting saying messages won't be returned,
and no obligations for the next month. A strange feeling to walk away
from one of the few constants since college.

I will be starting at London Business School in late August. The
decision to go back to get a Masters was a tough one, but ultimately
the right one. People keep saying things like this is the perfect time
in the cycle to go, or you're at the right place in your career. For
me though, it is much more a chance to reflect and see what comes
next. The impressions from my time in an office are many and varied -
curious to see what stands out in 6 / 12 months.

Immediately, I'm off to Japan followed by Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
A final jaunt through Asia with only a backpack and my camera kit -
stay tuned.

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