Friday, August 07, 2009

2 days in Sapa

Having spent the last two days hiking in the wonderful terraced rice
fields of Sapa, we are now again on the night train. Sapa is one of
those places where I feel I could try my hardest, and yet not capture
the beauty of it. The greens are more lucious than my eyes could take

There are several different local hill tribes which grow rice in the
area. Seeing what subsistance farming is actually like gives me a new
appreciation for the hard work they endure. Every task is focused on
getting through the next winter and ensuring survial - something
completely taken for granted anywhere else I've been.

The government seems to be trying to preserve these cultures, but with
the influx of tourists and the awareness of another life outside the
village, I wonder how long these communities will last. Already now,
the youngest girls follow the visitors around with a constant chorus
of "where you from? How old are you? You buy from me?"

And so, while I would say it is worth the visit as the hiking is
wonderful, the people are interesting, and the landscape is
breathtaking, I worry whether more people will be good for Sapa.

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