Saturday, August 01, 2009


Kyoto was a bit of a whirlwind - After including hakone on the plan,
we ended up with just 20 hours in town (including sleeping time).
Making the best of it, we hit the ground running and headed to the
biggest temple we could find [will update with name]. After strolling
through some of the winding lanes, we ended up on Potocho by the canal
- A small lantern lit alley bustling with restaurants. On nyt
recommendation Cafe Zuzu served up a wonderful dinner, highlighted by
their interpretation of chicken dumplings. This morning was a dash to
the shogun's palace before jumping the train back to Tokyo.

Making comparisons between cities is never fair because you seldom end
up seeing the best parts of every city and being in the right mood to
enjoy them is a challenge - that being said, Kyoto was hands down my
favorite part of Japan. The old parts felt like what I imagined Japan
like before arriving. There was an energy in the air that made it seem
lively and fun. Lastly, the sights were more accessable, although I
would have enjoyed another couple days to see some of the other parts
of town.

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