Sunday, August 09, 2009


The travel book starts off describing Laos as one of those places
where people intend to spend only a few days, but end up spending much
longer. I can certainly relate, as I wish we had a few more days to
explore the laid back villages, the winding trails through the hill
side, or go play with the elephants. As it stands, tomorrow will find
us in Cambodia - but I look forward to coming back here.

Yesterday the guide took us to a few temples, and we finished the day
hiking up to, and then swimming in a waterfall. I've already mentioned
my experience with the various tribes - which was a highlight that was
only trumped today listening to monks chanting in their temples. These
small moments are what I hope will stay with me. This isolated country
has been a joy to see, even if I continue to wonder how to visit

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