Friday, August 07, 2009

Off to Laos

To say that our last day in Hanoi was a low point isn't entirely fair,
but it was as long and somber day. We got off the night train from
Sapa around 430am, and the flight to Laos didn't leave until 630pm -
meaning we had 14 hours to get through and no where to take a break
for a bit.

We packed the morning with a few sights like Ho Chi Min's home and a
bike tour, but after lunch (green fish coked over coals) were just
tired and had nothing left to do. At last around 3 we headed to the
airport, o ly to be caught in a rain storm. Whileof little consequence
for us, shortly up the road we saw the body of a motorcyclist who had
been less fortunate. Up until last year there was no helmet law for
riders, and c10,000 people died in accidents. This has come down, but
with 3+ million bikes in Hanoi alone, it is still far from Sade and
we're told scenes like that are still common.

Making it to Laos around 9, we simply laughed when the fixer
recommended a 430am start to go see the monks. Need some vacation in
all this travelling.

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