Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quotes from the Apple store

I've shared my thoughts on Apple's repair process before, as well as their "update" problems. But today I took a 3rd trip in a week to the Apple store to try and get my 6 month old macbook air fixed, and the experience was beyond comprehension. A rep named Magda at the Oxford St store and I had the following conversation:

me: when do you think they'll be able to get to the repair?
Magda: In about 5 weeks
me: the guy on Wednesday said you could do it same day
Magda: he shouldn't have promised you that, as we're in no position to do that
me: is the part that had to be ordered after my last visit here at least?
Magda: no
me: the guy on Wednesday said it should be here by Friday, and that's the only reason I came here today - for the third time
Other rep chirping in (with pride): some people come here to 20 times to get their computer fixed
me: doesn't that say something about the quality of your products?
Magda: so do you want to go ahead with the repair?
me: what am I supposed to do for a computer in the next 5 weeks?
Other rep: you can buy a new one

So to recap: I was lied to, my computer remains broken, and I was told to buy another computer, all in a tone that can only be described as snooty.