Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway)

Next week, we'll be starting our drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and per usual I'll be doing my best to try and document some of the experiences. However, rather than post a sudden burst of stuff here, I've set up a posterous account for this trip. This has a few advantages in my mind: For starters, I usually feel that things which are posted here need to have a bit of substance, and hence many a casual observation never gets shared. Additionally, the posterous account makes it possible for both of us to post - this should hopefully result in a more interesting read, as the same experience can be seen from two perspectives. Finally, we'll be mainly on our mobiles, and the ability to simply email in content is interesting to me - again, I'm hoping this means that not only will we be sharing some text, but also photo (and maybe video).

Anyway, we start driving on Tuesday night, so be on the lookout for notes from our Pacific Coast Highway road trip here.