Sunday, May 16, 2010

Android (2.1)

When I moved to London about 9 months ago, I signed-up for mobile service and bought a HTC Hero. Within the first few days I had it, they pushed 1.5, and for the next 7 months I was utterly content. The phone works great - multi-tasking means I can track my run and listen to music or read email and have gchat going at the same time, the interface is smooth and responsive, you get the point; nothing seemed to be missing.

Over those 7 months, I heard grumblings that 1.8 had been released then 2.0, then 2.1. Just dandy - HTC is said to be working on updates, and frankly I didn't care. At least until I realized that there was a world of apps out there that only run on the newer versions - the dreaded Android fragmentation that has been mentioned frequently. While I can't say there was one app that made me envious, I can say that the sum total made me more and more discontent.

Earlier this week, with HTC having again pushed back the release date of any update, I took the plunge, rooted my Hero, and installed a 2.1 rom on it. Having now used it for 3 or 4 days, I am overjoyed - it's like having a new phone all over again. Not only is it running faster, but the new apps are very nice to have. The process took me about an hour, and although not without risk, would seem worth it for anyone running an older version. Yes - there are a few stability issues, and my UMTS radio has some signal problems, but all in all the experience is improved enough that this will overcome my urge to buy a new phone in the coming months - instead I'm now waiting on a 2.2 rom eagerly...

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