Friday, May 14, 2010


After a few days in Chicago last week, I had the chance to take my first trip to New Orleans. Prompted by a stag do, it seemed an appropriate venue. I can say without doubt that going for any other reason would have been inappropriate. The mixture of heat, humidity, and beer that hits almost immediately is a clear indication of what the place is all about. Don't get me wrong - there's a lot of fun to be had - it's simply a question of whether you want the beer sloshing, hurricane chugging, crystal burger eating type of fun.

Having not ventured far out of The Quarter, I can't speak to what "real" life in this city is like, but I imagine it can be compared to real life in Hong Kong vs. LKF in Hong Kong (or possibly Wan Chai is more appropriate?). Regardless, durring the day, the buildings are interesting, and a stroll from eatery to eatery is very enjoyable. Once the light come on, the place lives up to its TV stereo types.

I won't be going back anytime soon - there are too many other places to go see - but if you're inclined to make the trip, a few tips:

  • closed toed old shoes - you'll want to burn them after
  • unlike many places, smoking is still par for the course - be prepared to stink
  • the locals are friendly (largely) - chat 'em up

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