Friday, February 04, 2011

2011, Where in the world to go?

After picking up a couple travel books lately, and also appreciating the proximity of Europe through our Athens trip in December, it seems the travel bug has got me once again. While in Asia, I managed to visit ~15 countries in a year. Since being in London, that number has shrunk significantly. So it's time to get back out there, and in the spirit of all the other "things to do in 2011 lists" here are the hopeful destinations for the year ahead:


- Scotland; hiking
- Wales; hiking
- Iceland; long debate on whether permanent day or permanent night would be better, thoughts?
- Africa; probably Kenya, maybe South Africa
- Michigan / New York / San Francisco; family fun
- Germany; Octoberfest

And should I have an abundance of time I'd try and throw in;
- India; beach
- Gran Canaria; beach
- Peru; hiking
- Copenhagen

Are there any other places you would add that are easy to get to from London? Any recommendations for the destinations I've picked?

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