Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Speaker Notes: Verne Harnish, The Growth Guy

I attended a lecture by Verne Harnish the other night. He's an interesting guy, who has spent his career surrounded by founders and growing businesses. From his insights and research, he's come up with some lessons to help foster growth in startups. I won't regurgitate them at length here, as his blog has most of it, but I did want to share a few of his points - and more importantly the reading list I walked out of the room with.

He shared with us "5 routines to help set you free." The idea being that by getting in these habits, you wont spend as much time firefighting, and have more time to focus on what matters:

  1. Get a mentor
  2. Get a partner (or 2!)
  3. Have a partner breakfast once a week to talk about the big issues
  4. Have a 15min partner meeting every day to focus on what you've learned
  5. Talk to one customer every day (or at least every week)
These steps will help you identify changes in the market place sooner, and react to them quick. In turn, you'll be positioned to out perform, and out grow your competition.

He reached these conclusion from a combination of personal experience, and also ties a fair amount of it to literature:

(If you have any of these on Kindle and can part with them for 14 days, I'd love to "borrow" them)

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