Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MySMS first experiences

I've been playing with MySMS on android for the last week or so.  In short, it replaces the standard text messaging app and then offers two distinct benefits:

- If the people you are texting have the app, messages are routed through their servers without charge (like what apple does between iPhones)

- If you have multiple devices it syncs the text messages, meaning you can see messages on your computer or tablet and don't need your phone in hand (if you have an android you can also send texts from the other devices)

In practice so far the syncing has worked great. A couple seconds after hearing the beep from my phone, I can also see the message on my tablet. Call me lazy but this is nice as I'm usually near one of the two - not both. As with many things of this nature, the other key benefit depends on other people also using the app - I have yet to find anyone, and can't comment on how it works.

My main gripe has been that the notification on the phone of a new message doesn't always appear. So I've missed one or two texts. Hopefully, this is merely a bug and will be fixed shortly.

Finally, I'm curious to see how they build out their "connectors" offering. This is meant to allow you to send text messages through other providers, and could be a neat money saving feature depending if you travel.

For the time being, I'll leave it installed to wait and see if I start crossing paths with other users, and what else they do with the development.

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