Saturday, August 04, 2012

Berlin - wonderful as always, and improved by Foursquare?

After 6 nights in Croatia, Berlin was on the schedule for 2. Shortly before heading out, I had seen Fred Wilson's post on Foursquare lists, and how the can serve as a personal guidebook of sorts - so I figured I'd give Foursquare another shot and see what comes of it.

Upon arriving in Berlin, I checked in to the Westin and scanned for lists to serve as my guide. While a few popped up, they seemed to be a bit more the generic sightseeing spots (with 70+ places to visit), rather than a discovery of personal tips, and sadly none of my connections had created any lists.

I scanned through the places near me, and found a couple restaurants I thought could be worth checking out, and decided that if no one had done the work for me, I was going to do it myself.

First on the agenda: Lekkerbek. According to Foursquare, a manageable walk from the hotel - however upon asking at the reception which way I should go, I received a puzzled look. First warning ignored - I decide to pull out google maps and figure it out. Sure enough, Lekkerbek registers, but at a very different address from the one in Foursquare.

At this point, I am supposed to head in opposite directions - and I give up my journey of discovery.

Instead, I have begun two lists of my own:

- Berlin
- Munich

I hope to grow them slowly and carefully, adding the spots that make a place truly special or just a bit easier to travel through, with a goal of 5 - 8 places for each list. Feedback welcome...

In the end, some true locals took me along to Comedyclub Kookaburra for a great night of laughs, and I got my fill of unique places through a good old bit of real life interaction.