Saturday, October 13, 2012


Flew to Rome yesterday for a friends' wedding, and am sticking around a bit to explore the city. I've been here twice before, and neither trip left me craving to come back. As we walked around today, the thought I settled on was that this city has been in a state of decline for 2000 years. The ancient ruins stick up at scattered street corners, the modern relics of a metropolis dot the landscape (just try and get from the terminal to the train at FCO).

That is not to say that Rome is an unenjoyable city. The food is marvelous, the history is remarkable, and the engineering is astounding.

We had the unique opportunity to tour St. Peter's Basilica with a priest studying here from Kalamazoo. The church can only be described as cavernous. Writing and statues grow in size toward the ceiling to perfectly counter-balance depth of field, meaning that everything appears to be the same size upon entry. The symbology of every item is deep, and designed to reinforce thousands of years of Catholic tradition. Seeing it with the guidance of an expert made itall the more remarkable.

Our meals have been dotted around the city, more on those soon. For the time being, here's my foursquare list of sights on the agenda:

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